30 Apr 2015

Movement activity

Hi everyone! 
This is an activity that children love. 
Teachers, if you want an amazing song for a great teaching. 
Here you have the lyrics and some teaching tips for learning colours easily.

29 Apr 2015

Basic vocabulary for CI

Hi 2nd graders!
Click on the pic below and look for "The house".
You have to match the words with the correct pictures.

28 Apr 2015

Our results speak for themselves

The winners are....

Rapunzel                                                                             The three little pigs 

We will work on these stories in May.

27 Apr 2015

Story time!

Hi everyone! 
Here you have seven famous stories. Can you guess which book the pictures come from? 
Do you know their English names?
We are going to choose one, which one is your favourite?

24 Apr 2015

Enjoy your weekend!

Today is Friday, hooray!
The weekend is here.
After an exciting week, it's time to enjoy our free time! 
See you on Monday. 
I hope my voice gets better soon :(
Anyway, if you click on the girls below you will listen to a story from
"Big Heart Kids E-Book". Enjoy it!

23 Apr 2015

St. George's Day

St. George's Day is celebrated in and around Catalonia and England today.
The tradition in Catalonia says that every man offers a rose to his love and in return every woman gives a book to her love. 
In fact, the book is in memory of Cervantes, "Don Quijote's" writer.
The English tradition is a little bit different. Although they celebrate the book day, the custom is to fly or adorn the flag of England

Another important tradition is the "Jocs Florals" in our school. 
Children wrote fantastic compositions for the writing competition and each winner had a rose and a book as a present. 
So, congratulations to all of them and also to all the students in the school because everybody wrote amazing stories and nice poems.

By the way, here you have a story that reminds me a famous one. Pay attention because this one is a little bit different. Enjoy it!

22 Apr 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Can we do something to help the planet?
Everything you do to protect the planet counts, whether you walk to school or help to clean up litter from your neighborhood park! 
The most important thing to remember is that Earth Day should be every day!
Click on the poster if you want to work on some vocabulary related with that celebration.

21 Apr 2015

There's an important celebration tomorrow

We'll celebrate the Earth Day tomorrow. It means that people around the world are becoming more and more conscious of the urgent need to reduce pollution and save the environment every day. Earth Day is not just a celebration, it is a call for action! 
But...what can we do? There are lots of things we can do at the school and also at home. 
Here you have some of the main ideas that children said when we talked about the celebration:
  • To take shorter showers.
  • To turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth.
  • To turn the lights off when you are not using a room.
  • To walk or cycle more.
  • To take public transport.
  • To reduce plastic.
  • To reuse more.
By the way, I want to share with you this green memory game. I hope you like it!

Besides that, 
here you have a video in which you will watch a family wasting energy. Do they need all those lights on? Do they need to use all that hot water and electricity? Pay attention and let's conserve energy, making our planet a better place at the same time!
Tomorrow we will talk about that family's behaviour.

18 Apr 2015

Identity activity in an art lesson

 4th grade students have been working on their family trees over the past month. After that, they designed new self-portraits in which they traced their roots through their parents.
Nowadays it's easy to take photos from children if you have their parents' permission, so we used a black and white photo for the activity below and we cut into halves. Then, we identified half of it with our mother and half of the same picture with our father.
Note if you visit this page from abroad: the tradition in Catalonia orders that when a baby borns, he/she is called after their parents and receives two surnames.
Have a look.

17 Apr 2015

A funny chant for 1st graders

Hi everyone!
1st graders are learning a chant to practise food vocabulary.
When we split the group, I put some masking tape down on the floor to look like a train. Children and me line up and put our hands on the shoulders of the person in front of us.
Then, we walk around the classroom like a train and we say the chant at the same time.
If you want to listen to 1st graders, click here

14 Apr 2015

The Solar System for 2nd graders

2nd grade is working about the Solar System. We have just introduced the topic but we are going to follow working about it. 
This is a lovely song we are going to learn next days.
Students are also learning this poem by heart
It will be dressed in your kids' scrapbooks!

This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123

13 Apr 2015

Daily actions for very young learners!

Very young learners enjoy singing and moving. Because of that fact, I love introducing some vocabulary through songs. This one is an excellent example.
We usually make a circle and we mime the actions the song says. 
CI English scrapbooks include this one.

11 Apr 2015

150 years of Alice!

To celebrate the 150 year anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland I am proud to introduce a freshly web that turns the story into a real one in our school. 
In fact, this is a project I love it. 
Click on the pic below and look at our productions.

9 Apr 2015

Good News!

Some time ago, I introduced all of you into the Fonix Competition. Remember that this event is for schools and it is designed to promote the use of English among school students through a fun and educational way in an informal educational setting. Its objective is to select a finalist from each of the first two stages: local, territorial and the winners at the final stage.

Joanot Alisanda School participated last February with two students from CS. So, it's an honour to communicate to all of you that Oriol Garcia Planas from 5thB group has been selected to go to the next stage. It will be on 18th of April. 
All the best for you, Oriol!

If you want to find out more information about that competition click here.

 photo hooray.gif

8 Apr 2015

Food vocabulary

When we introduce the topic Food and Meals we usually sing some traditional songs. This topic very often seems boring to many of you, but when we start speaking about it, children are interested because everybody wants to say what they like.
Here you have some activities to practise some food vocabulary.
The display below hides an excellent English activity!
Click on it and you will find a game. 
Drag each food into the correct group it fits the best. 

This is an excellent video to have fun .
Children will learn easily the structure that the children sing in it.

7 Apr 2015

Creativity at school

 Hi everyone!
 It's interesting that people see creativity and critical thinking as being opposed. 
It's partly because people associate creativity with being totally free. We can say that they work all together. This is the way we have understood in our creative workshops.
As most of you might already know, we have been working CREATIVITY at school , and the video below shows you a short summary of different activities at school. 
We have been creative in math, science, music, dance, teaching among different subjects because creativity is a process of having original ideas that have an important value for us.
Have a look!

Let's play with numbers

Click on the pick and play with numbers

You have also another activity to check these numbers

6 Apr 2015

Easter Monday!

 Today is Easter Monday! 
 We have a very sweet tradition in Catalonia: godfather gives an Easter cake to his godchildren. It can be also an Easter chocolate egg!
Here you have some examples made at home, mmmm....Yummy, yummy!

1 Apr 2015

Today is a fool day!

Today is April 1st, a day
to practise jokes,  get creative and play fun pranks on people around you. 
Nobody is exactly sure where the tradition started but nowadays it's an excuse to play silly jokes on friends. 
Many newspaper, radio personalities, television shows, and internet web sites participate in the celebration.
This page too ;D
 here you have  funny cartoons, 
just for laughing and having fun along these days!

 Try telling a joke you like to your friends. It's a good way to practise your English!