31 Mar 2014

Ready for "A taste of heaven"

4thESO students are working very hard for next Wednesday,
so let's sing these songs with them

The food groups for 4th graders

Hi 4th graders! This song is really catchy! It explains the different groups with rhyme. After that, we will work on nutrition: what your body needs


27 Mar 2014

Planning for good eating

What and how you eat as a child will have a lasting effect on the rest of your life. 
Although this is only a portion of a video, let's pay attention to it and after that we will work on what we need to grow up healthy!
Thank you Action Media Productions, this is a good and cool report!

26 Mar 2014

The best pizza!

Hi CM graders,
I learned this song about 10 years ago and I have never forgotten it. 
 I hope you like it! 

25 Mar 2014

The food train

Today it's 1st graders' turn!
They are learning a chant to practice food vocabulary.

When we split the group, I put masking tape down on the floor to look like train tracks. Children and me line up and put our hands on the shoulder of the person in front of us. Then, we walk around like a train meanwhile we say the chant.


23 Mar 2014

A taste of heaven

Hi you all! I'm glad to present IES Pau Vila brand new play: A TASTE OF HEAVEN.
Here you have a short video presentation made by Laia Delgado, one of the IES English teachers.
3rd and 4th graders in Joanot Alisanda School are invited to enjoy the show next 2nd of April!!!!

22 Mar 2014

Food Pyramid for children

Hi Kids! Nellie and Ned will teach you all about Healthy Food 
Pay attention and write down your questions!
See you on Monday!

20 Mar 2014

Welcome Spring!

Spring is here! 
To celebrate the transition between winter and summer, here you have a song I love
 Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here....

Click on BEGINNER. You can press the BACKSPACE button to listen to the last sentence again and type it correctly !

Acrostic poems by 3rdB group

How are you? As you can see, we work hard. 
Today you have the poems that 3rdB group wrote some weeks ago.
Sorry for the delay :) 

19 Mar 2014

European Teachers at school

Hi everybody!
We had special guests at school today.
A group of European Teachers wanted to know how catalan schools work.
Also, it has been very important today because we had Iva, the English Teacher from the Czech Republic who is sharing the identity project with our school. 
We had prepared bookmarks for the Czech Republic children and they had made some beautiful pictures for us.
Here you have some pics.

18 Mar 2014


Hi you all! Here you have an amazing game. 
You will meet people who do different jobs. Read what the different people need to do their jobs and click on the arrows to see if you can find the clothes and things they need!
Click on the pic below and have fun! 

17 Mar 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Even if you aren’t Irish, you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your family in different ways , dressing in green or doing a green food lunch or dinner! Why not? It can be fun!
See how many different green foods you can eat today! vegetables will be amazing if you help in the kitchen. Your parents will be happy!  Then, you can play "I Spy Green…." Guess what I am thinking about!  You can search inside and outside!!

15 Mar 2014

St. Patrick's Day is coming!

Hi you all!
St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner! It's celebrated on March 17th!
This is the anniversary of the day St. Patrick died many hundreds of years ago. But... who was St. Patrick? 
He lived in the fifth century, that's more than 1.500 years ago! 
St. Patrick is Ireland's patron saint. 
That means that people from Ireland believe that he protects them.
However, there are many thousands of people around the world who celebrate this special Irish holiday, as Martha in Buffalo explained to us two years ago. 
Students will have the opportunity to have some information about that celebration with this presentation. They also will learn what a shamrock is  and  some vocabulary about the legend with this wordsearch

Also, here you have some recipes and craft ideas to celebrate this special day!

13 Mar 2014

Birds memory game

Learn birds Vocabulary with this ESL  Memory Game. 
 ESL Learners and Teachers can use it to review English vocabulary or simply practice these words.
This memory games has audio, images and text which makes it possible to practice spelling, reading, listening and word recognition. 

Check the time!

 Stop the clock!

11 Mar 2014

A nursery rhyme for Year 1

Hi you all!
1st graders are learning a new rhyme for their games. 
This is the one you have in the video below.
Enjoy it!

10 Mar 2014

Fonix 2014

Congratulations to Pol Sobrepera (5thB) and Maria Gallego (6thB). They passed the local stage in Joanot Alisanda and  they  fought in the territorial stage in Barcelona last 1st March. If you want to know more information, click on the picture below.
Now, we will have to be patient because the results will be published on April 7th! Good luck for our students!

8 Mar 2014

Jump, walk and swim!

Can Elephants Jump? Of course they can't...but they can walk!
Listen to this fun and energetic song by ELF Learning.
Teachers, this is a very professional production and it's got a great tune!
Kids will love it!

7 Mar 2014

A new party

Imagine Alice planning her own tea party. Who would be Alice's guests?
Children decided her guests by groups and here you have the main result. 
Below the pic, you will find others they chose. 
Pikachu, Bugs Bunny, Superman, Tom and Jerry, Geronimo Stilton, Abraham Mateo, Son Goku, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Rekkit, Shin Chan, Trunks, Liv and Maddie, Brian Johnson, Mickey Mouse among others.


6 Mar 2014

Birds project

Hi you all!
2nd graders are working on birds.
They learnt some vocabulary around this topic and they discovered some words as beak, feather, wings, talon, nest, egg, bird and chick.
Here you have an wonderful video by The Cornell lab of Ornithology
Although it's a little bit difficult to understand for very young children, it's worthy to watch it. Enjoy the images and the pics. Below the video, you will find more explanations about this amazing project!

The Birds-of-Paradise Project reveals the  beauty of 39 of the most exquisitely specialized animals on earth. After 8 years and 18 expeditions to New Guinea, Australia, and nearby islands, Cornell Lab scientist Ed Scholes and National Geographic photojournalist Tim Laman succeeded in capturing images of all 39 species in the bird-of-paradise family for the first time ever. This trailer gives a sense of their monumental undertaking and the spectacular footage that resulted. Filmed by Tim Laman, Ed Scholes, and Eric Liner.

4 Mar 2014

English through art

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was a famous artist. He used images of fruits and vegetables to create art. In the pic below you have an example of his art.
Along this week, students will create artwork based on Arcimboldo's example.

Look at this presentation:

 Now, you're the artist!
Can you design another person with different fruit and vegetables?
I'm sure, yours are going to be amazing!

3 Mar 2014

Wonderland inspires poems

In an acrostic poem, the first letter in each line spells out a word. 
It’s an easy and fun way to write poetry. In these acrostics, children wrote something about they learnt along these last weeks,
Here you have some of them

1 Mar 2014

Fashion Day at School

Hello everybody!
3rd graders have checked some vocabulary by describing what they wore a long the Carnival week! 
Here you have the result of a hard working on clothes topic.