19 Jan 2020

A lovely new book

In this delightful picture book, a boy introduces both himself and his monster, who has been with him for as long as he can remember. It is big and bossy and it hides itself from the boy's parents. The book shows the reader or the listener that everyone can overcome fears with the right strategies.
If you are a teacher, let me say that, after reading, you can talk about children fears using the structure: I am afraid of darkness, I am afraid of spiders, I am afraid of...I recommend you to use flashcards for checking and refreshing vocabulary.
After that, what about to do an individual reading comprehension to check what students remember about basic vocabulary? Here you have my proposal:

I would be very happy if you report or write down a comment to give me your feedback about it. Thanks a lot.

2 Jan 2020

Resolutions everywhere!

Hi there, here you have some of my students' New Year's Resolutions. Which ones are yours, too? Do you have new ones? You can add them in the padlet below just by tapping twice.
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31 Dec 2019

Bye-bye 2019

The end of the year brings many things like changing seasons, holidays, and reflection on events that occurred during the year. 
It has been a busy year but when the work involves helping our students, families and friends, it isn't tiring but instead energizing. That's why now, when almost whole world is preparing for upcoming New Year celebrations, I want to say thank you for your support and wish you all much happiness and good health! I do wish you the warmest welcome to 2020, may it be filled with sweet madness!


24 Dec 2019

Merry Christmas to everyone !

Christmas is a time where you spend time with family and friends. It's about creating happy memories that will last a lifetime. I'm sure that you all will have many happy and cheerful moments and other ones where you will have free time. Here you have a good opportunity to get in contact with English.
Click on the Christmas cards and you will find some Christmas games!


21 Dec 2019

Winter starts Today!

Hi there,
today is the very first day of winter. That means that we have some free days along the winter holidays and I have a proposal related to English for all of you. Click on the pic below and improve your English level by practicing different skills.

29 Nov 2019

28 Nov 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

American people celebrate the most important day in the year today. Children do not go to school because everybody celebrates this day with family. They want to be thankful for many things. For that reason, I am taking time to reflect on all the things that I am thankful for:
I'm so thankful for my family, my friends, my colleagues, my health and ... I'm specially thankful for the oppportunities that I have everyday to learn from my students. I also want to take a moment to thank all of your support. It means so much for me! If you click on the picture below you will find an activity for working phonetics!

17 Nov 2019

Diving into plants

Hi there, another school year to participate in European projects! This time, the one I am talking about is inside the eTwinning network and it works around plants.
That means that we will learn a lot by doing and by making our school greener!. Children will plant basil, mint and parsley seeds and they will learn about how they grow.
So, we needed to introduce some vocabulary about the topic and this clear and easy ppt. Hope you find it useful for your lessons.

8 Nov 2019

Are you a dinosaur?

Hi everyone, 
year 3 students are involved in a Dinosaur project and I introduced a story around dinosaurs. After that, we practised some structures. Here you have them:

1 Nov 2019

Thanks eTwinning team!

No matter how good you think you are as a teacher. The most important thing about teaching is to have the humility to try always your best. And from time to time, it's always nice that your work is recognized ;D

31 Oct 2019

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone,
we celebrate Halloween today!
If you click on the image below, you will find a quizlet to introduce, check and play with some words related to this celebration.

After that, your students and you will be ready to have fun singing a halloween song. Click on the image below and go to a lyricstraining activity. Remember you can choose between the choice or the write mode.

9 Oct 2019