23 Sep 2016

Sing and spell !

Hi you all! 
Here you have a funny song to review not only vocabulary about the weather but also how to spell them.

22 Sep 2016

1st Autumn day!

Fall is such a wonderful time of year, isn't it? 
Although we can still enjoy a summer weather, some leaves are turning into warm colours. The weather is getting cooler, but it is still fun to play outdoors. 
Today I want to share "Autumn leaves" by Eric Clapton with all of you. 
This is one of my favourite songs. Everybody who loves jazz, will like it.

13 Sep 2016

An amazing tool for teachers!

Hi teachers!
Today this post is specially for you all.
I have started to use ClassDojo in my English lessons and my students are very excited.
Class Dojo is an online behavior management which its primary goal is to encourage positive student behaviours.
Watch the next video and know how it works:

12 Sep 2016

Ready to start?

Hi you all!
How was your summer? Did you enjoy with family and friends?
I wish you could have a great time and hope you tell us lots of amazing stories today, the first day of school.
By the way, we have to remember the rules in the classroom, so I think that the best way is to have fun watching the cartoon below. It reminds us the good maners and the rules in a classroom or in a school.

15 Jul 2016

Summer break

Smile, relax, forbid, do sport, go running, go on excursions,  try to say what you feel, go for a walk, draw and paint, smile, read a book, sing in the shower, keep your good memories, take some photos, listen to your friends, show your happiness, write your feelings, listen to the nature and respect the environment, help people, do what you have promised, let someone help you, look at flowers, help to your friends, turn the TV off and chat with your relatives, listen to your favourite music, learn something you have always wanted to do, phone your friends, close your eyes and imagine the waves on the sea, make someone feel important, make a list of things you are good at, go to the library and listen to the silence, say to your friends you love them, look at the stars, think about what you have, breathe, finish projects, make friends, grow and be responsible and enjoy your summer.

Let me say thank you for your continued support one more time. 
I hope you have a very happy and relaxing summer break. 

13 Jul 2016

Erasmus+ course finished!

Happy to have finished this worthy course. If you are a teacher, I encourage you to enrol yourself in the etwinning network and enjoy with the on line courses it offers to teachers.

11 Jul 2016

Recharge your batteries

Krissy Venosdale is an innovation coordiantor, creative spirit and lifelong learner. She works every day toward making a world where all kids have the opportunities to pursue their greatest passions and are inspired to dream big. She shares her heart and soul of learning at her personal web

10 Jul 2016

Storytelling resources

Hi everyone!
Thanks to Shelly Terrell who has collected lots of resources in a symbaloo!

9 Jul 2016

Blending sounds

Hi everyone!
Let's practise phonics.
 Move the camera and find the correct picture with the sounds you will listen to.
Click on the image below and become an amazing photographer

8 Jul 2016

An activity for this summer

Hi you all!
Here you have a toy you can make it with your parents' help.
Try it! 
It will be an amazing rolling toy made at home! 

Enjoy your weekend!

3 Jul 2016

Resources for young children

Another publication about oral resources for young children.
They are fun and helpful.
Enjoy them and don't hesitate to contact me if you require additional information.

2 Jul 2016

Fun with phonics

Hi everyone!
July is here and I want to update you on the last activity about phonics I worked in an English lesson. Phonetics are sometimes dull to work in our lessons but I think that the activity I introduced to children, was a way to have fun with them.
At the beginning, the activity consisted in following the sounds by colours. After that, children had to identify each word with a sound. At the end of the activity, kids realized that they had played with phonics matching them with colours.