31 Oct 2012

Happy Halloween!

In English-speaking countries, 31st October is the day children look forward to, with their costumes ready for their door-to-door trick-or-treating. But it's also very traditional to make a Jack-o'-lantern around this date.

To prepare your pumpkin, first clean and dry it. Cut a small circle around the stem and remove the top. Dig in and remove the seeds and soft flesh from inside the pumpkin, leaving a thick wall of flesh inside the skin. Scrape the inside until you have a firm and fairly smooth surface all round, and a flat base where you will stand a candle - short and fat candles are perfect!. 
 You are now ready to carve the face onto the pumpkin. 
Here you have some examples:

Besides that, here you have an easy sandwich to make for this special day!

You need:
  • sliced white bread
  • slices of cheese
  • a toaster
Take two slices of bread and a slice of cheese for them to make a sandwich. Previosly cut out eyes and a mouth in one of the slices. Toast the sandwiches and eat them while still warm. Delicious!

After that delicious recipe, you can dance with this funny skeleton

30 Oct 2012

Halloween matching!

Test your memory! Match the words and the pictures. Click on two cards. If they match, they will make a pair.

29 Oct 2012

Are you ready for Halloween ?

This witch will teach you some Halloween vocabulary! It's important that you listen to it and then try to repeat. Learn new vocabulary for Halloween !

27 Oct 2012

ABC for everybody

Hi you all! Here you have an amazing ABC. Click on the picture below and select a letter. 
Be patient and look at the different surprises the letters can give to you!

26 Oct 2012

Set the clocks

Click on the picture below and set the clocks moving the long and the short hand!  
Good luck!

25 Oct 2012

Bang on time !

Hi 4th graders! Here you have an activity to practice time.
First of all, read the time in words. Then, stop the clock when the hands are in the matching position!

24 Oct 2012

Useful adjectives !

This is a didactic song to introduce some vocabulary we use in the English lessons.
Have fun !

23 Oct 2012

Lyrics exercise!

Hi  CS graders! 
Do you want to have fun with English? Click on Landon Pigg, the singer of this song and enjoy it! 

Select the beginner level and try to write the missing words. 

16 Oct 2012

Mama mia !

Pay attention: what happens in this restaurant?
We will speak in the next English lesson!
See you tomorrow !

13 Oct 2012

Ready to go!

Writing in a foreign language can be easier if you find characters and scenes to match with the main plot.
I have just created an amazing storyboard! It's a short story but I want to share with you. Do you want to improve your English writing stories? 
You just have to choose a scene, a few characters and write a text! 
Try it! It's fun!
Storyboard Creator

12 Oct 2012

Special needs

Hi everybody! it's just started a page for special needs children. You will find there some activities, movies and games for these students. In this way, if their families wish they will practice English from home! 

Where's that page?
Look at your left and you will find all the levels in the school. Special needs' page is between 6th grade and teachers' pages.
See you next Monday!

11 Oct 2012

Hangman game

Text your vocabulary with this Hangman game! 

Guess the hidden word by clicking on the letters. 

You must choose a level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and ...

a topic (animals, colours, days of the week, months, parts of the body, numbers, family members...)




10 Oct 2012

Let's play with colours!

Click on the wheel and listen to the colour. 
Then click on the correct one. 
Good luck !

Are you a 3rd grader?

Hi you all! 3rd graders are studying the days of the week. 
I suggest them and those who want to review basic vocabulary, these activities. Click on the picture below and you will find them !

8 Oct 2012

Let's write a poem !

Hi you all! 4th graders have been working hard this morning. They had a wonderful imagination because they wrote these funny poems. They chose a word from their basic vocabulary and they have thought favourite things beginning with those letters. Here you have some of them. 

                                                           Poems 4th graders from seniros

6 Oct 2012

Activities on line

Dear all! 
Another academic year moves to open new activities on line. Why? 
Because children have changed their level. So, don't worry if you can't use  the activities on  your left. They do not work until we introduce all the students in the publisher's web. 
Children will have new username and password and you will receive them  in your parents' meeting. 
Teachers will explain how parents can become involved in the English bloc and also in the activites on line. 

See you on Monday !