5 Mar 2019

Ready for an interesting oral activity

Hi there,
Women Day is coming and I am interested in talking to children about household chores before March 8th.
First of all, I prepared a presentation with some chores vocabulary just to refresh and to remember some basic vocabulary.
After that, I will ask students the meaning of chores. If they don't answer, I will describe them as routine tasks that are often done around home. 
Many people find chores unpleasant or boring and they are averse to do them.  When chores are divided among many people, they can be accomplished much faster.
The presentation below will help us to understand better some of the chores.

After talking about the main chores, we will be ready to introduce a conversation about them:
Who does the most chores at home?
What chores do you dislike the most?
Do you have to do chores as a routine?
Which ones are you assigned?
Both men's and women's chores should be shared fairly. Do you agree? Why?

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