8 Nov 2011


In the 1960s, a British group became one of the most famous rock groups of all time. These were the Beatles and today many of their songs are still played on radio stations, and new fans now listen to Beatle hits on MP3 players and I-Pods.

The original members of the group were :

John Winston Lennon from Liverpool
James Paul McCartney from Liverpool
George Harrison from Liverpool
Stuart Sutcliffe from Edinburgh, Scotland

They were not always known as The Beatles. The group first chose the name Johnny and the Moondogs before changing the name of the group to the Silver Beetles. In 1960, they won a spot on a tour of Scotland with Johnny Gentle, and shortly after John Lennon told the group he had dreamed that they were to be called the Beatles with the unique spelling that featured an “a” in the name.

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