14 Jan 2017

"Now is tomorrow"

Hi there,
Nowadays, Catalonia is pushing education towards new challenges. The Catalonian's "Consell Escolar" is diving into a deep reflection on the challenges to face the future of catalan education and it has organized five conferences to show what's going on and where education is going.
This morning, Viivi Lokk, from Tallinn's Educational Department, has introduced the audience into the Estonian educational system where children, from the very beginning, are involved in it so that every person is a lifelong learner. 
But, how do they do? These ideas are crucial for understanding the Estonian system. 
* Mentoring and coaching learners.
* The State gives a curricula but each school decides the concepts that they will work depending on need of its students. That is an important difference with Catalan system.

This morning (at Cosmocaixa,BCN)

So, those reflections have made me reaffirm on working through meaningful projects.

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