6 Jun 2012



World Oceans Day is being celebrated by millions of people all over the world on the 8th of June.
So, do you want to be a part of the movement protecting our oceans?
What can we do?

  • Don't throw rubbish to the sea. Plastics, which generally make up about 60 percent of litter, are the worst. Marine mammals and turtles are killed by plastic every year around the world.
  • Reduce and reuse. In that way you'll have to throw less things.
  • You can become a volunteer to clean some areas in holiday times.
  • Be considerate and mindful for the oceans.
  • Express more interest and concern about the health of the ocean, the problems of pollution, overfishing and climate change.
  • Look to aquariums, zoos and science centers for ways they can be part of the solution.
  • If you want to know more actions, you can visit this page and LET'S DO IT!

By the way, hundreds of events are planned for that important day. Already over 250 events are listed from dozens of countries. If you want to investigate what they are, here you have this interesting link!
Let me say  that in Spain there are two important actions, one in Girona and the other in Lanzarote. I recommend you visit this last one because it has amazing photographs. Enjoy them!

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