21 Mar 2017

Question structures

Hi everyone! 
Quasimodo is a fictional character who can help us to remember the order of any question. 
He was the protagonist of the novel the Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo. He was born with a hunchback and feared by the townspeople as a sort of monster.
If you think about the first part of his name, you will never forget the structure of a question:

QUestion+Auxiliary+Subject + Infinitive (....)?

Look at these questions and check the order:
Where do you live?
When do you start school?
What time do you wake up?
What do you like?
Which colour do you prefer?
When did you go to the cinema?
What did you eat for breakfast?
Why did you send me a mail?

and...if you don't use a Question word, you have to follow ASI ;D
Auxiliary+subject+Infitive...?    Yes/No.....

Do you cook?
Did you go to school?
Do you study English?
Do you like pasta?
Did you do your homework?

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