17 Mar 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

 Today is the anniversary of the day St. Patrick died many hundreds of years ago.
He lived in the fifth century, that's more than 1.500 years ago! 
St. Patrick is Ireland's patron saint. 
That means that people from Ireland believe that he protects them.

But who was St. Patrick
Also, this day is well known for a number of its traditions.
But, how do we celebrate his day? Here you have some recipes and craft ideas to celebrate it.
Families let me say that students will have the opportunity to have some information about the celebration with the presentation below. They also will learn what a shamrock is and some vocabulary about the legend with this wordsearch

The picture below will help 4th graders to choose the name of their personal leprechaun depending on their personal names and the month they were born.

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