15 Feb 2015

Fonix 2015

Fonix is an English Competition for Schools and it is designed to promote the use of English among school students through a fun and educational competition in an informal educational setting. Its objective is to select a finalist from each of the first two stages: local, territorial and the winners at the final stage.
The exercises that students will do next February 28th, will consist of writing tasks, each based on different skills, reading and writing mainly. There will also be an oral section in the final stage of the competition.

Joanot Alisanda School participates every year designating one student from 5th grade and another one from 6th grade. So, the English Department at our School has selected Oriol Garcia from 5thB group and Max Porcar from 6thA group. Congratulations for them! 
If you want to find out more information about that competition, click on the pic above or below.


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