9 Jul 2017


Hi there,
along the school year my colleagues and I are very busy because, as other teachers, we plan, organize, prepare, have meetings and inteviews, coordinate, discuss and agree different issues about our job among other tasks. We link together students, other mates, school administrators, families and community members to foster the learning process of our students. However, we must not forget our relationships as teachers and colleagues and, personally I think that we have to include activities that build and foster our relationship in our plannings. As it happened yesterday. It was fun to do a trip to Viladrau with colleagues and live with them in a different context from the school one.
Look at the photo below. It was taken yesterday when we organized a warm farewell to three colleagues who are going to retire next August 31st. Building relationship between teachers is important but it is much more when we have to say goodbye to so outstanding professionals. 
Thank you to Carme, Lourdes and Eulàlia for sharing your last school years with us.
For sure, we will miss you a lot!
                             Some of the colleagues and "Les Agudes, El Turó de l'home&Matagalls"

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