5 Jul 2017

PBL, Project or Problem?

Hi there,
if you usually visit this blog, you will know that I often work through Project Based Learning and many times I have read some articles about Problem Based Learning (Leggett, A. (2014). Active learning pedagogies)
Both have the same acronym and sometimes I confused them. Because of that, I decided to find information out about the second one and I found this easy and clear video where it is explained. 

After watching the video above, I would like to conclude with some ideas as far as I am concerned:
Both focus on an open question or task.
They are authentic because both are real content.
They build 21st century skills.
They emphasize student autonomy

So, the main difference between them may be lengthy because problems tend to be shorter that projects. Moreover, they follow specific steps meanwhile Project BL follows different steps. 

I hope that these conclusions will help you to difference them.

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