29 Mar 2016

Ice-breakers and warmers

These activities prepare students for working together. Before starting, is a good idea to set up an agreement, on how students are going to look after themselves and each other during the activity. This previous step is very important for warm up activities. I usually spend five minutes of the English lesson to clarify the way of doing the activity because otherwise children's behaviour can develop the activity in a wrong way. 

Warm activities that work:
Keep fit with Froggy

This book requires some easy phisical exercise in the classroom.  Follow the exercises done by Froggy and have fun. 

Please Mr. Crocodile
Ask the class to stand against a wall (you can draw a river on the floor in chalk). Choose a volunteer to lead the activity. That student will say how the rest can cross the river.
  Depending on their level, ask the class questions relating to crocodiles (where are they from?, Are they herbivores?, What colour are they?, What do they eat? etc). Then stand in the river and pre-teach the next:
Please, Mr. Crocodile, can we cross the river?
- Yes, if you wear something red.

Human Knot. Put the class into groups of at least six and no more than ten. Ask the students to form a circle. They have to put their right hands into the centre and fins a hand to hold (not the person they are standing next to). Then they do the same with their left hand. Now they have to untangle the knot without letting go.

Remembering names. In a circle, pass/throw a ball, try to ensure that everybody receives the ball. One way of doing this is for everybody to hold one hand up until they have to caught the ball, or each person fold their arms then they have to thrown it.

Shout! Tell the class to close their eyes and tell them that they are going to count up to 10. The thing is that only one person at a time can shout out the number, so if two (or more) students shout out at the same time, then they have to go back to the beginning.
More interesting ideas

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