5 Apr 2016

Recommended show

La Sala team will present  in few days (April 16th and 17th) The Velveteen Rabbit, a highly recommended show with the label of the Unicorn Theatre at the Principal's Theatre.  Don't lose the play. It's lovely, magical and gorgeous! A perfect show for any time.
Plot: one day, a child receives a gift, a velveteen rabbit, very soft and floppy, and he immediately falls in love with it. However, shortly after, the child is captivated by other more dazzling toys: electric trains, dolls that speak, videogames... The rabbit has kept, deep inside, the child's love, and, thanks to it, it will overcome a long period of indifference. It will be the only toy that would like to go beyond, leave the shelf and become a loving and playful rabbit that hides among the shrubs. One day, the parents will have to burn all the objects and toys of the room to avoid a dangerous contagion. Only ashes will remain...how does it finish? You will have to go to Principal's Theatre and find out by yourself. You have some sketches in the video below.

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