23 Apr 2016

Happy St. Jordi's Day

Today is a special day. I really like it because I enjoy walking a long my town and having a look on all the places with books, roses and lovers as well. The Book Day becomes a romantic festivity.
On one hand, it matches with the fact that Sant Jordi has been the patron saint of Catalonia since the 15th century. On the other hand, it comes from the famous 
legend of St. George and the dragon:

Once upon a time there was a small village with a big castle. The village was quiet. 
It was in the mountains.
The castle was big.
In the castle lived the king and a princess. The princess was pretty.

A dragon arrived at the village. The dragon had big eyes, big nose and big mouth. The dragon was very strong and bad. It had long tail and big ears.

The dragon was dangerous and he was hungry. He wanted to eat the princess. The princess was scared.

Saint George arrived at the village. He was brave, he was a knight, he came to kill the dragon.

Saint George fought the dragon. He killed the dragon. From the dragon's blood grew a red rose.

Saint George gave the red rose to the princess.

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