27 Apr 2016

Making learning awesome!

Hi everyone! This post is special for teachers. 
I have just found Kahoot out and I have thought about many ideas for teachers. I have put in practice it with students and I have to say that it is amazing not only for them but also for myself.
Listen to this. I gave verbs in past to students and they had to study for homework. 
Then, I prepared a quiz with kahoot and it was one of the best lessons in this term. I have never had a response to a educational tool like I have had to kahoot.  Study verbs is dull and sometimes boring but if they have a motivation for playing in the classroom, they will do their best. 
Kahoot ensures engagement by turning the classroom into a gameshow. However, what I love about it is how easy the assessments are to create and the best part is that students can participate in the assessment from laptops. I use 13 of them in a whole group. Students played in pairs.

Here's how it works:
1. Create a free account at www.getkahoot.com. 
2. Choice the kind of Kahoot! you want to create, i.e. quiz, discussion, or survey. 
3. Create your assessment tool by entering questions or statements and response options. Like graphics? You can insert a graphic of your choice as well. 
4. Add a cover picture and put the finishing touches on the assessment tool. 
5. Launch the assessment.
6. Invite students to join using the game pin on laptops 
7. Have fun and watch your students' results as you go. 

If you have any questions, browse its FAQs: