27 May 2016

Among others, Geology!

Hi everyone!
Some of you already know that this school year I have been working through projects.
That means that I didn't follow a student's book or any activity book. I tried to have my own projects in the English lessons and also I have adapted some activities so that English could participate in students' projects.
This is an example today.
I teach in a group where students have been working on Geology a long the school year. We have learnt a lot of facts about the Earth in the English lessons. Also, some of us have participated in different acts for supporting and taking care of our planet.
Have a look on the resources:

On May 14 2016, Greens from all over Europe demonstrated against coal mines in Lusatia, Germany, an iconic symbol of the fossil fuel industry that is wrecking our 


Click on the boy and you will find an interesting linked page about Geology

After that, here you have an amazing portal!

Identify Rocks Game
Click on birthstones and play the rocks game

Furthermore, if you click on this link you will find a useful National Geographic Quiz for your lessons.

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