26 May 2016

Red Nose Day

Hi everyone!
Today is a very special day for American people. They celebrate the "Red Nose Day"!

It consists to be funny for money and give it to help kids who need it most. Personally, I think that it is  an excellent idea to laugh, give and save a kid, as Ngosa. Watch the video below and try to understand the required information.

How old is Ngosa?
Where does she live?
How many people are there in her family?
What is her favourite animal?
What is her favourite colour?
What is the adjective Ngosa uses for his father?
What does she like to do with her sister?
What time does she wake up every morning?
What are the activities she does in the morning?
Who is Rebecca?
What is Ngosa's favourite food?
Does she go to school?
What are her favourite possessions?
What does her teacher look like?

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