26 Dec 2011


Catalonia celebrates ST Esteve today but the rest of Spain doesn't celebrate anything. Besides Catalonia there are more countries which have December 26th as special day: Australia, Britain, New Zealand and Canada. However they don't call St. Esteve's Day as you can imagine, they say today is the Boxing Day!
Rich people gave clothes, food, money... to poor people in the past. These gifts, given in boxes, gave the holiday it's name, "Boxing Day". Today, Boxing Day is spent with family and friends with lots of food and sharing of friendship and love.
To keep the tradition of Boxing Day alive, many businesses, organizations, and families donate their time, services and money to aid Food Banks and provide gifts for the poor, or they may choose to help an individual family that is in need.
Have a happy St. Esteve's Day! and also we can say "Happy Birthday" to Maite, the kindergarten teacher!

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