28 Dec 2011


As you must know, today is the Holy Innocents' Day and people play all kind of jokes and foolishness. However, the most famous tradition in our country says that you have to hang a "llufa" on the friends' and people's back. But, do you know how to make one? It's very easy, you need a newspaper and scissors.
First, take out a page from the newspaper and fold it as an acordion. Look at the picture:

Now, it's time to cut the "llufa".
Look at the pictures...and that's all! When you open the "acordion" you will have a "llufes"' chain. Now you can use it as you want: you can decorate your bedroom or you can cut the chain and you will obtain lots of "llufes".

Remember this tradition is in Spain because different countries around the world have a similar date on the 1st of April and they call it April Fools' Day.

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