8 Mar 2018

Happy Women Day!

Hi there,
we celebrate an important day today, the International day of Women.
For that reason, 
 I want to recommend an amazing book to all of you to work in your English lessons.
It shows girls they can be anything they want.
Story after story, portrait after portrait, conversation after conversation you will see the potential of so many women all over the world.
                                                                                                Women protest (Barcelona) 
                                                                Just you know, watch The Ellen Show about Bic pens. 
Unbelievable !
Some women do like pink, but the idea that they actually decided to make pens just for women baffles me. It's beyond patronising. To be fair, who buys pens anymore? I think it's hilarious that pink and purple are considered "girl colors", when purple used to be the color of kings (because purple dye for clothing was expensive as hell back in the middle ages due to the fact it was made by crushing a rare beetle) and pink was a "boy's color" until the 1940s, when Hitler used a pink triangle to mark homosexuals.

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