17 Jun 2016

Project Based Learning

Hi everyone! 
Most of you know that one year ago I decided to move from my old school to a new one which works through projects along the school year. This methodology is applied not only in kindergarten but also in primary.
So after working in a new methodology I want to reflect what have been my feelings about Project Based Learning.
Adopting the PBL approach has produced a change in my way of teaching. I had to improve the presence of different levels of learning and special needs, the competences and social skills. It made that students had to work in their own way to solve problems, to think and to access to information, processing and learning. 
Personally I think that this way of working has enrich me as a teacher because I had the challenge of improving my lessons every day through individual work but most of the times through cooperative teams.
So, the strategies I used have been very different from using a book and follow the units because there have been a connection to the real world.
Asking questions and doing research as well, made the students decided for themselves. They had the chance to improve their problem-solving abilities. Finally, they shared what they had learned. Now that we can say that the school year is ending, I am proud of having done this new challenge.

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