26 Feb 2016

Jazz Chants by Carolyn Graham

Hi everyone! I am very fond of chanting, specially the ones by Carolyn Graham. They have an important list of advantages in oral activities. Let’s list some of them:

  • They allow repetition and children copy sound patterns “safely”
  • In some way, the students are going to develop confidence and try language out one and another time. As children need to do things many times, they will practice in an enjoyable and natural way. 
  • They use rhythm and rhyme that makes children to play with words and to be in contact with the new language. 
  • They can provide patterns that will help children with fluency. 
  • They can improve the mood in the group. As everybody succeeds, they feel they belong to a community.
  • They can be used as an example as writing prompts when students need them.

Here you have an example:

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