6 Jan 2016

Kings' Day

We celebrate this important day on January 6th.
As you know, the day before in the evening, there is an important parade where the three kings go in a procession giving sweets to children along the city.

Traditionally, in the days preceding The Three Wise Men Day, children write letters to the Kings requesting a toy or gift that they would like. On the night before children leave some food and drinks at home for Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar. Also they leave out their shoes so that the kings know how many people live in that house. When children wake up on the 6th in the morning, their gifts will appear near shoes or boots.
This date is important for everyone because everybody uses to have a present or gift.
After that, families meet together in a lunch in which the most important tradition is eating a “King’s Ring Cake”, a sweet bread shaped like a wreath, with candied fruit on top and a cardboard crown in the middle. When you eat that delicatessen, you can find two different surprises. If you find a king, you will be crowned!
but it you find a bean, the tradition says that this person will pay the cake.
Children also wear a crown at the table in honor of the kings.

By the way, this is the cake I cooked at home. 

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