28 Sep 2015

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Hi you all, 
 it was an amazing long weekend last week.

 Do you remember Voices of European TeacherS? 
It is a European Teacher network that began in 2012 and finished last weekend in Olomouc, in Czech Republic.

Primary, secundary and university teachers from all over 10 different European Countries wanted to improve education by working on identity, diversity, citizenship and multiculturalism. Heterogeneity, technology and theory with practice as well. So, as teachers, our challenge is to help our students to cultivate frameworks in order to analyze the world. That is why,we all have been working together a long these years.
Since the very beginning I started to deep into the Identity meaning and I introduced it to my students with this ppt. 

If you want to find out the projects done a long these years, click on the pictures below and check them:

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