25 Jan 2013

Information for primary families

Hi families!
As every school year, Joanot Alisanda School participates in the English Theatre Week that the City-School activities and Fiac School organize for our Town.
1st and 2nd graders will go to Casal Pere IV next Monday, January 28th. We will enjoy with "HAPPY EVER AFTER" by Blue Mango T. 
On the other hand, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will go to the same place next Wednesday, January 30th to enjoy "PIRATE ISLAND" by Blue Mango T.
As it's usual with Blue Mango Theatre, students will be asked to join in, sing along , and help the characters.

Children are excited about the stories but me, too!
I can't wait! I love singing the songs with the children.

11ª Setmana del Teatre en Anglès

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