17 Nov 2012

Vicking project

 2nd graders are working on vickings
They have learnt that several thousand years ago, some regions of Norway and Sweden were inhabitated by the Vikings. Most of men were good as leather workers and boat builders. Women baked bread and worked on turning sheep's wool into cloth. They made family's clothes, cooked and looked after children. 
Vickings had fun swimming, wrestling and riding horses.
If you want to learn more information about them, click on the vicking's ship.


By the way, let me introduce you to a famous one: Vickie, the vicking.
When I was a child, I really loved watching Vickie! I enjoyed a lot with his adventures.
 Vickie was very intelligent and had amazing ideas. He rubbed his nose and then clicked his fingers when he had got the answer to a problem.    
Watch this short trailer and wait for next English lesson...we'll work on vickie, the vicking profile! 


  1. Hi teacher!
    A good way to do this is to read some articles on it & participate on class discussions, so they know who they are. I know your students are very young, but you are always working on different projects. I'm sure they are excited with these activities, aren't they?
    Congratulations. I follow you and "English for U and me up !

  2. Thanks a lot for your support!
    Keep in touch. Best wishes for you all.