6 Jun 2011


Manners and empathy are part of the code of conduct for living in our world that we, as parents and teachers, must teach and our children must learn.

This is an easy poem we are learning in these days.

Please and thank you
are magic words
we need to say
very often, every day.

Please and thank you
are useful words
to help you be polite
and make people feel alright.

Please and thank you
are the best words
to say people
with a big bright smile!

Let your children know how happy it makes you when they are being kind and responsible. Praise your children when they use the words please and thank-you today!

As a teacher, one of the most important things you can do is lead by example. There’s no point in asking our students to be helpful and polite when we don’t hold the door open for others or we don’t say “Please” and “Thank you.” Being nice, kind and fair is something most of us do naturally (because someone else, years ago, taught us to do it!) but it’s important to remember, especially for teachers of young children, that our students are watching our every move. They are learning important lessons about how the world works by what they see.

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  1. Absolutely agree!
    Every year, I hear more and more about teaching values in the classroom. Some governments suggest that teachers do it. Some schools enroll students by telling parents that its teachers do it. Some parents specifically ask teachers to help them out by teaching values.
    Keep in touch.
    Best wishes and take care!