9 May 2011


Listen to and read this story at the same time!


It's a very hot day. The lion is hungry and he sees a mouse.

L - A delicious mouse for my lunch! (he opens his big mouth)
M- Don't eat me! Eat a giraffe not a little mouse, please!
I promise to do you a favour.

L- Ha, ha, ha. Do me a favour? Impossible... Ok, you can go....

The next day a terrible thing happens. The lion is caught in a net.
L- Heeeelp, heeeelp!....

The lion sees the mouse again.

L- Mouse, please do me a favour.
M- Ha, ha, ha... a mouse can't do a lion a favour. It's impossible!
L- Please, please. Help me!
M- Ok. Wait a minute

So the mouse helps the lion. He cuts the net with his teeth.

L- Oh. thank you. You are my best friend!!!

At the end, they lived happily together ever after.

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