7 Dec 2010


They have achieved...so you can do it! Come on! I'm waiting for your AVATAR
Santi Garcia

Reggie the reindeer

Marc Sabater

Laura Camino

Andrea Pescador

Gerard Ureta

Marina Meavilla

Laura Sierra


  1. Gerard's Avatar seems not to breathe!
    and all of them have to learn how to say "Sabadell" ;-))

  2. Hello Inès, the Gerard's avatar transformation speaks so quickly because we did several times it completes and it we did not put commas, you know if is it possible to be modified ?
    Thank you

  3. Don't worry. I see you are very worried about it. Nowadays we can't do anything in this avatar.
    But, If you want, you can make another one... but...I repeat "don't worry". In fact, it's fun, really fun.