23 Apr 2019

Ready for St. George Day

Hi there, St. George Day is a very important tradition for catalan people. You can find books and roses everywhere. But do you know why Catalonia celebrates this important day every year? It comes from a legend, which says that, once upon a time, there was a dragon who scared people who lived in the same town. People decided to choose a person among them to stop the dragon fearsome force and hungry. The chosen person was a princess. But then, a knight appeared. He was Saint George. He killed the dragon with his sword. The legend says that from the dragon's red blood it grew a red rose. 
So, from this legend you can understand the the tradition at Catalonia nowadays. 
Furthermore, books are important, too. But this tradition comes from Cervantes' day of death.
Related to books and as every year I will tell a story to my students. This school year will be the one you will listen to it in the link below.

After listening to the story, can you tell me the missing words?

and what about the rhyme words?
Finally, can you find the differences between the pictures?

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