7 Feb 2019

Dickens' Day!

Today, February 7th  is the 207th anniversary of the birth of English author Charles Dickens! Here you have a cartoon to share with children. It is about the famous writer:

I am sure that celebrations and public readings of his work are being held all over the world. I don't read any of his books in my lessons but I am going to introduce him and his most famous books:

Oliver Twist: most people know the story of Oliver Twist. It is one of the most favourite books for children mainly after the movie's production.
David Copperfield: it is the tale of David Copperfield from his birth through to his maturity, what obstacles he faces in life and what friends he makes. With great characters it was Dickens' own personal favourite of all his novels.
A Christmas Carol: it's the classic story of how a bitter miser ( Mr. Scrooge) gets re-habilitated after being visited by three ghosts. The Ghosts' of Christmas Past, Present and Future show him visions of his life and of his influence on the others' life. On seeing things as they truly are, Scrooge changes his whole outlook on the world.

So, from now on, try to remember these three books from this famous writer, Charles Dickens!

By the way, I recommend to you a helpful blog if you want to dive into Dickens

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