5 Dec 2018

Who am I on line?

Hi there, the post today is related to a NOOC INTEF training course  that I am doing nowadays. It's related to the net and how can we teach children about security in it. Here you have a mini project for year 6.

Think before you post!

Finally, just to say that I am also at the end of @decodeproject (DIGITAL COMPETENCE) seminar. In this point, one of the activities that is required is to make an input in the net reflecting my thoughts. So here you have mine:
My teaching practice takes an account, among other aspects, the use of new technologies but becoming aware of what digital teaching competency is about with this teaching digital competence seminar, it has opened up new approaches to the present and the future. I am lucky to work in a school that works for projects, involving living and cooperative methodologies, where children take part in their learning process. I would add, as very important, that education professionals have to ensure that technology has not to be decontextualized, I mean, the sense of its presence has to be understood.

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