7 Dec 2018

What's going on?

Hi everyone! If you are a follower of this page you know that, in general, teachers always try to make our job better and improve things in and outside the classroom. That's the reason because I keep on doing training courses. In e-Twinning network you can find interesting ones and the post today is because I finished an amazing one. It made me think about education today, apps, new technologies...among other issues that are changing our enviroment. They are in our lifes, so why don't we reinforce English with them? Looking on the bright side always seems to help me make things better! 
Nevertheless, I want to introduce some tools you can download in your device. They will allow very young children to learn the foreign language by themselves. 
The first one is the AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet app. It is a new way to interact and make flashcards more entertaining for children. You will find the link to the website by clicking on the monkey below. 

Other apps:
Alphabet and English. Learning English spelling words.
My life in English (crosswords, wordsearch, searches, find and match...)
Little smart planet (different grades for children and parents)
Pet desk (related to pets and their care)
Creapp cuentos (first writings)
ABA English (3rd cycle: listen, speak, read and write in English)

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