27 Jun 2017

Another challenge achieved!

Hi there,
the post today is not about English resources or activities. The one today is a personal post.

Like any mother, I am very proud of my daughters and yesterday was a magic day for one of them. Maria finished her microbiology degree in 2016 and  she has been studying a master about clinical microbiology along this school year, developing an incredible task at a lab in BCN where she has been researching different phenomena.
One of them, it has been the "Acinetobacter baumannii", the aim of Maria's investigation. As you can imagine, I have no idea about the methodologies and experiences in a lab, but I had the opportunity to listen to her yesterday morning. She told the "tribunal" what the hypothesis, the process and the results had been. She faced the challenge bravely and it was incredible being there and listening to what Doctors in the tribunal commented about the research. They congratulated her for doing an excellent work and, as a mother, I felt really happy and very proud of having such an outstanding daughter, as I am of her sister. I wanted to congratulated Maria and say her that I hope she believes in herself as much as I believe in her.