23 Jun 2017

Alice everywhere!

Hi there,
most of you know what I love Alice in Wonderland 's book by Lewis Carroll.
In fact, I worked around the story with 4th graders some years ago and the experience enriched me a lot. After that, the world celebrated the 150th anniversay of the famous book's first publication in November 2015.
Someway, that famous story is always with me. When I walk a long my town, there is always something that reminds me something from the story. Nowadays, we have Alice everywhere. Last Sunday, as an example, I went to Salessians' School in our town where Alba Serrano and her mates made an incredible version of the story.
Thank you very much Alba, Dori and Toni for thinking of me.

and now, we have a new book with new characters which is highly recommended:

The Rabbit is David Cameron Camerabbit, who on June 23, 2016, on the day of the referendum in Great Britain, hides into a hole, the Brexithole. The Caterpillar is Jeremy Corbyn, Corbyn-pillar, who from the top of his mushroom is giving lessons and advice to everyone. Humpthy Dumpthy is Donald Trump Trumpty Dumpty. He is at the top of the wall that splits Mexico from the United States, and from that point he is affirming that he is delighted with Brexit. The Cat of Cheshire is Nigel Farage, who is drinking English beer and he is against those who make Britannia no longer as before.
When Alice leaves the tears' sea and comes to the coast, they ask her where she comes from and what she is wearing, and when she says she does not know it, she has nothing, and she has never worked, they try to immigrate and illegal (: D) who comes to take the jobs from the English.
The Queen of Hearts is Theresa May's parody, who wants and does not want to be in the European Union. In the end Alice is in Parliament, where she begins to grow, she destroys ... and she wakes up a few years before today,
The author is Leavis Carroll (what a coincidence!) , pseudonym of Lucien Young.

Thoroughly enjoyable! My only regret is that unlike Alice we can’t all wake up and discover that Brexit was just a bad dream :(

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