29 May 2017


Hi everyone! 
After going to colonies with 4th graders I came back to school today and I reviewed plurals and...oh my God, children have made me so happy! 
I mean, when we were working around healthy life, we were talking and introducing some food items and I decided to do in plural and not in singular. 
I mean, I talked about apples and not apple, or oranges and not orange. 
Why? Because when we talk about likes and dislikes, there is always who says, "I like apple", "I like orange".
So, I think that this makes it really easy for the kids because if they do need to make them singular, the rule is simple: chop the "s" off.
In other words, now that the school year is closed to finish,
I am very proud not only of all students' productions but also the way of planning and introducing the  language.
David Bueno ( look at the Blog on neuroeducation  ) says that the kids build their brain through different neurons connections and learning language through oral activities is one of the most important ones.

Exploring plurals in this way is one of the easy tools that we, as teachers, can consider in order to help them.
By the way, I have run into this easy song so that the kids get familiar with the rest of plural words.

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