22 May 2017

Brain project

Hi everyone!
I am so happy because another challenge has been another success in my lessons. 
Don't worry because I'm gonna tell you what is going on: 
students from year 6 decided to find out some information about the brain. 
They wanted to know how it works and why it needs downtime. 
So, after introducing the topic, I used the jigsaw strategy to boost students' confidence with the information they had. So, they were distributed in groups of four and each student specialized in one part of the brain. After that, they met with members from other groups who were assigned the same aspect, and after mastering the material, they returned to the "home" group and explained their information drawing a mind map. Each group made excellent ones. At the end, we decided to have one in common. 
Here you have it:

Finally, I designed an activity to encourage them to build sentences about what they learnt. 

They have learnt a lot, they expanded English vocabulary and they improved structures. The end of the school year is here and I am very proud of all of them!
For next week, they have to "dygest" all the information because we will play the brain-game-kahoot. Students are very excited thinking of kahoot activity.
So, I hope that kahoot encourages them to review and study the brain facts they have learnt.
What else can I ask for?

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