2 Jun 2015

Education and motivation

We all have critical thoughts about our job as teachers. To be a teacher is not easy nowadays because of different reasons. 
To begin with, the cuts in education and the precarious economic situation don't help us. However children grow up and they must be educated. Furthermore, we have a diversity range of students in our lessons and this diversity should be appreciated and understood.
How can we cope with this situation? It is said that teachers should motivate students using different techniques but with the different inputs that children receive from everywhere, each time is more difficult.
Warming up activities to check what they learnt in the previous lesson can be a good way to start with. However if we use the same daily activity, children will get bored. Therefore, it's important to introduce a wide range of techniques such as games, songs, chants and poems. I love to practise them. Here you have an example: The cookie jar. If you click on the pic, you watch and listen to the chant.

This is a recycled cleaning jar ;D With some decorations and stickers, it's our special Cookie Jar for playing this chant in the classroom.

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