30 Jun 2014

End of June

Hi everyone!
June has been an intensive month. 
Farewells, emotions and mixed feelings went around us.
Today I want to say goodbye to this month by showing you the Joanot Alisanda 6th graders' farewell. 

Amazing, isn't it? 
By the way, remember to visit this English blog along the summer and do different activities in English. Here you have some examples:

Do the activities on line using your sign-in-name and password 
Read a story in English 
Listen to an English CD 
Watch an English movie
Collect 10 English words from a magazine or newspaper
 Learn 10 new words in English
Learn a new song in English
Send a friend a letter or an e-mail in English 
Make a scrapbook in English
Find a simple recipe in English and cook a delicious dish
and the most important...
make your summer fun and memorable doing 
what you like !

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