19 Jun 2014

Acting out Three Billy Goats

There are so many wonderful stories and activities that tie into the school year. It's a great way not only to remind important moments but also to check how students finish the school year. So Although there are only a few characters in the Three Billy Goats Gruff, I think the language that is used it's really easy to sequence and retell for all the students.
10 different groups in 4th grade acted out that story, after hearing it a few times, we used a classroom table for the bridge, and they trip trapped over the top -on their hands and knees, with the "trol" hiding underneath!. 
Here you have two summaries from 4thA and 4thB groups. Hope you like them!

Three Billy Goats, 4thA from Ines teacher on Vimeo.

Three Billy Goats, 4thB from Ines teacher on Vimeo.

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