20 Nov 2013

The Fonix 2014

The Seventh English Competition for Catalan Schools (THE FONIX 2014), designed to promote the use of English among school students through a fun and educational competition in an informal educational setting, is hereby announced.
The objective of the competition is to select a finalist from each of the first two stages: local, territorial and the winners at the final stage.
The exercises in all the stages of the competition will consist of writing tasks, each based on a different theme (for example: geography, history or music) 
The written tasks contain a variety of activities on vocabulary, reading and writing. 
In the final stage of the competition, there will also be an oral section in the test.
The regional stage of the competition will tale place at the same time on the same day in all the examining centres in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona. 
The regional stage will be supervised by the organisers.
In Joanot Alisanda School, 5th and 6th graders will participate in it!

English Teachers pay attention: The enrolment period for the competition for all schools who wish to participate will be from 14th of November until 20th of January 2012 inclusive.
If you need more information, click on the pic below and you will find the official website

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