22 Apr 2013

Take action!

We have celebrated the Earth Day Today!
We have done different activities in the English lessons in order to know what does it mean. We have discovered that is not just a celebration, it's a call for action!
For that reason, we have checked what we can do in our daily life and we have concluded some ideas. 
Here you have some pics of different activities: actions for protecting our environment and some ideas to reuse things.

CM2 graders have also established some categories in the school and some in the classroom to analyze our immediate environment.Children concluded that there are lots of things we can do in the school and also at home. 

Here you have some of the main ideas they said:
* To take public transport more than your own car.
* To turn the faucet off while brushing our teeth.
* To reuse clothes.
* To turn the lights off when the lessons are finished and we have to go home.
* To reuse paper.
* To bring your own bags when you go shopping.
* To recycle at home but also at school, too: we have yellow and blue bins in each classroom.

So, we have concluded that it's in our hands and we have to make everyday the Earth Day!

By the way, here you have a video where you watch a family wasting energy. Do they need all those lights on? Do they need to use all that hot water and electricity? Pay attention and let's conserve energy, making the world a better place at the same time!

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