23 Apr 2013

Happy St. George Day!

We've celebrated "Jocs Florals 2013" in our school today.
Children wrote fantastic compositions for the writing competition. Each winner had a rose and a book as a present. So, congratulations to all of them and also to all the students in the school because everybody wrote amazing stories and nice poems. 

But, what do you know about St. George?
Here you have this movie about the story of St. George. 
It's cute because the speaker is Samuel, a 4-year-old boy! 
Have fun and try to understand it!

For ending, I want to copy the acrostic poem that 3rd graders have thought for celebrating the Earth Day (April 22nd) 
Explore our planet 
And you will see that 

Reuse, reduce and recycle      
The three Rs 
Help the Earth to be healthy

To consider: if you want to see more poems, click on the picture on your right.

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