20 Mar 2013

Happiness Day!

In July 2012, the Organisation of United Nations (ONU) proclaimed March 20 "International Happiness Day".
So, this is the first time we celebrate it!
In the English lessons we wanted to celebrate this special day by asking to children:
"What makes me happy at school?" 
Here you have different answers. Some of them are fun!
  • Going to the playground
  • Looking at the girl I like 
  • Playing "hide and seek"
  • Having good marks   
  • Doing physical education
  • Singing English songs
  • Learning new things
  • Solving maths problems
  • Changing cards
  • Playing football
  • Skating in the playground
  • Going to the school garden
  • Collecting stickers
  • ...   
We are conscious that happiness is flying everyday! 
So, catch it, smile and BE HAPPY!

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